The Safeguard Program

Additional Auto Hauler Coverages through Universal Casualty RRG

Constructive Total Loss

A new auto is damaged while being transported that can be brought back to a safe and drivable condition but cannot be brought back to new car condition because the cost to repair the vehicle is more than the actual cash value of that vehicle.

For example, a driver damages a new BMW. Although the repair will only cost $10,000, BMW will total the vehicle due to liability concerns. Most insurance companies will only pay the $10,000 damages less the deductible and the dealer will go after the auto hauler for the remaining amount due. With the Safeguard Program, the insurance company will pay the full cost of the vehicle.

Striking of Load

Many auto haulers may strike the exposed load whiling passing an overhead structure or passing under a bridge which most carriers will exclude. With The Safeguard Program, this would be a covered loss.

Loading & Unloading

The Safeguard Program provides coverage for the automobiles being loaded/unloaded.

Theft, Overturn & Fire

Most insurance companies have exclusions for these types of claims when it comes to auto haulers. With The Safeguard Program these types of scenarios will be covered given that all of the right steps are taken to prevent such a loss.